About michoumakes.com

 My name is Micheline Dussart and here are some of my loves…
Loves Sewing and Crafts
Finding A Challenge
Making jewellery, clothes and doing DIY
Loves A Cool Glass of Fizzy Water.
always searching for new creative ideas
Oh and  I’m NEVER EVER bored!

I’m not one of your young bloggers but I have been planning for a good few years to get one going.
I started hand sewing at the age of 11 and progressed to machine at the age of 14.
My father was a French watchmaker and jeweller and I learned silversmithing from him.
As a young mother I took evening classes in Art, pottery, woodwork, basket weaving and tailoring.
When I was 30 I then chose to do a 2 year course doing City & Guilds Parts 1 & 2 in Fashion & Design (equivalent to GCSE and A level. I learned how to create my own dress patterns, design and make a full wardrobe of clothes which not only consisted of making garments but also making hats, leather gloves, handbags, Knitwear, Outerwear and Underwear. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a challenge as well as making new friends.

Once qualified I took an evening class for making tailored jackets. The class was run by a retired professional tailor who used to make suits for men. I turned out the most professional looking ladies jacket and was extremely proud of it.

As the years progressed my workload took over from the leisure side and for some years as a money maker I would restring pearl and bead necklaces for a number of jewellery shops in my area.
Eventually that started taking over my life to the extent that I would work on the necklaces from the minute I came home from work until after midnight. In the end I decided I needed to get my life back and decided to move on back to my sewing machine doing the things I really loved.

I am self employed working alongside my husband in our online trophy business www.trophycentre.com and currently I personally run a gift and engraving website called www.giftswithlove.co.uk as well as more extensive eBay shop http://stores.ebay.co.uk/giftswithlove
Within our business I have access to laser machines, sublimation presses and engraving machines all of which have helped me create even more items from scarf buckles to childrens educational clocks.

I’m the kind of person that if I don’t know how to make something I will make darned sure I try my best to find out how.

With this blog I’m hoping to give you an insight into my world of Michou makes.