Wicker Basket Covers

I bought a couple of wicker style baskets to keep some of my crafty bits in. They were intended to stay in the sitting room. While they looked good on the outside they didn’t look quite as appealing showing all the crafty bits inside. So, I thought a couple of fabric covers were needed.


I was quite pleased with the finished results and here they are for your to see. I took a piece of fabric, measured the top of the basket  and cut a rectangle of fabric with an extra 8-10cms added to each edge. So that when placed over the top of the basket it would overhang  the edge.


I then cut a piece of firm iron on interfacing to exactly the same size as the fabric. Using a hot iron with the fabric laid on the ironing board wrong side up and the iron on interfacing glue side to wrong side of fabric I ironed the two together.

Don’t forget to iron the side of the interfacing with all the reflections (that’s the glue) to the wrong side of the fabric.

With the right side facing downwards set the material over the basket and pin the corners as shown. As you can see my first atte,pt was way out of line so I unpicked it and redid it.


All four corners were sewn in the same way then the fabric was turned inside out.

I then trimmed the edges so they were all the same length all the way around. This was then pressed along the straight edges. The corners were pressed in towards the shorter edges.

The cut edge was then zig zagged all the way around and then turned inwards to form a hem of approx 1 cm.

 And there you are. A finished basket cover that hides away all your bits and bobs.



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