Vogue 8636 Marci Tilton Top


This is my first 2017 garment made. It’s a Vogue 8636 pattern.

If you were to consider the actual photos on the pattern packet they certainly wouldn’t attract you. However, thankfully I saw a beautiful garment made up from the pattern in the ‘Sew Today’ magazine that I subscribe to.
I didn’t have enough fabric to do it all in the marl grey jersey I had so I thought I’d try adding mustard yellow/green sleeves. I didn’t think I’d like the finished product but I was totally wrong. Although I buy size 16 clothes, according to the pattern info my measurements sat between a 22 and 24!

Normally I would have cut out the 18 but decided to stick to the larger measurement knowing that once tacked up I could adjust as necessary. The only adjustments I had to make was the neckline which seemed to be quite baggy. I hadn’t planned the view C neckline but felt the need to add the buttons (which I love) to pull the neckline in a bit.

I’m someone who loves wearing scarves too so as I had some spare fabric decided to make a scarf out of it. I adorned it with two styles of lasered scarf buckles that I made and voila I absolutely loved the end product. I now had two versions of the same garment.

Might consider other colour ways later in the year.
I shall soon be adding more information on the scarf buckles which I shall soon be selling should you be interested in buying one.

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